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After School

The After-School Program is a place where our children have the opportunity to work on their homework with the help of an adult, engage their creativity through a variety of art projects, practice vocabulary while reading books, play games of basketball and other sports, and learn more about the world around them. After School runs Monday through Friday during the school year at Downtown Academy from 3:30-5:00. Volunteers commit to After School for a minimum of an academic semester, but many stay for a year or two!

Lunch Buddy

Lunch Buddies have the opportunity to build a long term relationship with a child at Downtown Academy simply by committing to eat lunch with them at the school once every other week. It’s a great time for you to invest in a child in a really special way.  Volunteers commit to a minimum of a school year, but we hope you’ll stay longer!

Office/ Classroom Support

There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into running the main office and the classrooms at Downtown Academy. Helping staff with administrative tasks is a great way to serve. Administrative helpers come once or twice a week at a designated time. The Downtown Ministries office is another place to volunteer, and there are needs throughout the year as well as for special events.


Our sports teams use volunteer coaches, and no experience is required. Join us on the field or on the court to coach and encourage our players.

Football: Fall, practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, games on Saturdays

Cheerleading: Fall, practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, games on Saturdays

Basketball: Winter, practices and games throughout the week

Golf: Year-round, connect with a small number of children through consistent golf lessons

Football Game Day Operations


Throughout the fall, we need volunteers to help at our football games (sell concessions and apparel, manage admissions, run the game clock, etc.). This is a great way for a family or small group to volunteer together!

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**Please read the Downtown Ministries Volunteer Manual provided at downtownministries.org/volunteer before agreeing to our policies and procedures.** I agree to abide by the policies and procedures contained in the Downtown Ministries Volunteer Manual. I understand that the policies, procedures and benefits contained in this document may be added to, changed or deleted by Downtown Ministries at any time. I undertand that neither this document nor any other written or verbal communication by any program director or other Downtown Ministries staff member is intended to in any way create a contract of employment. I understand that my volunteer involvement is at-will, which permits Downtown Ministries to terminate the relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. Nothing in this manual is intended to guarantee volunteer involvement for a specific duration. Downtown Ministries will not modify their policy of involvement-at-will in any case.
Code of Conduct *
Upon completing the application and Darkness to Light Training, all volunteers of Downtown Ministries, hereinafter referred to as DtM, will conduct themselves in a manner that represents the vision and mission of DtM at both DtM and non-DtM events or programs. In accordance with this expectation, I agree to the following: • To the best of my ability, I will attempt to fulfill the minimum time commitment required in volunteering for a program. • If I cannot honor my volunteer commitment for any given day or event, I will immediately notify a staff member as far in advance as possible so that he or she may have time to make appropriate arrangements. • I will accept the staff’s leadership, guidance, and decisions. • I will honor the privacy of Downtown Ministries’ participants and family members. • I will immediately report any child abuse or suspicion of abuse to my program director.
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Please print the Volunteer Background Check Authorization Form found above this application, complete it and drop it by Downtown Academy or Downtown Ministries. You must include your social security number on this form.